Over a year has passed since my first diary entry was printed – a weekly column that came about after a brief chat with Emma (the current editor) at the Carmarthen Journal Community Awards. For some reason she thought that my antics would interest the folk of Carmarthenshire.

I admit I wasn’t sure I could deliver but I have enjoyed doing it so much. However, with so many projects on the horizon, not to mention a full on couple of months doing panto in Cardiff, I have decided to step back from this for a while. So, it is with a heavy heart that the curtain falls on Act I. I only hope that you have enjoyed my journey so far.

Anyway what did happen this week? (It’s a diary Evans not an Oscar speech). Another really special week ending last Saturday with a fitting and moving Royal British Legion Remembrance Service at the Brangwyn Hall. The place was packed and I was joined on stage by such wonderful talent.

It’s been a while since I sang at the Brangwyn and I had forgotten that the famous wall panels were originally intended for the House of Lords. I’m so glad that they remained in Wales. So beautiful. A real jewel for the City of Swansea.

Last Monday at St David’s Uniting Church in Pontypridd was another musical highlight. World renowned Jamaican bass – baritone Sir Willard White recalled, through words and music the story of the American singer and civil activist Paul Robson.

Parts of the story that I knew well but parts I didn’t. I had no idea that Paul Robson had helped the Welsh miners so much back in the 1920’s by sending much of his fees whilst he starred in Showboat. Hearing talent like Sir Willard that close was very special and the story of Paul Robson was completely humbling.

I can’t thank the Journal enough for allowing me to share my stories over this year. Thanks too must go to each of you who have read and commented on my column each week. When I have walked through Carmarthen I’ve been delighted when stopped by people who seem to have really enjoyed reading my tales from around the globe.

It has become my fun routine each Sunday recalling my week. On the odd occasion I’ve wondered what to write about but shrinking my week into 500 words has been the trickiest. I must admit that 12 months ago I wasn’t that acquainted with a comma. I thought it was an Indian dish, but hey we all learn. My old English teacher Brynmor Roberts would have been very proud I’m sure.

I must thank my dear friend Georgina who has read every article each week without fail, tweaking wherever necessary and at very odd times too to meet the deadlines. Special thanks goes to Emma Bryant for believing. (Ooops – well it wasn’t quite an Oscar speech!)

I really hope that I can share more stories with you very soon. Thank you x 

I will still be sharing the occasional articles on my blog though, so please do pop by from time to time.

This article was originally published in the Carmarthen Journal in Mark’s weekly column for the paper.

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