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I have to admit to being smitten from my first hearing of it to Mark’s wonderfully rich baritone voice. He is joined on this album by three people immensely talented in their own right, his brother and operatic tenor, Wynne Evans, the beautiful Sophie Evans and ex royal harpist Catrin Finch and their talents melded together with Mark’s beautiful voice produce an album which is so sensitve and tender in parts it melts the heart but will also make the heart soar in its more powerful moments.

Sue Cartwright – iTunes

The arrangements are glorious. Each track is beautiful and filled with thought and feeling. This is an album that demands your full attention – however many times you hear it.
Let the Light In is bursting with musical treasures – an amazing debut which cannot help but win your heart.

Carol Fry

I won’t beat around the bush, this is a cracker of an album by a classy singer.
Some stunning new arrangements carefully presented by a wonderful performer.
Some great collaborations too, from some of Britain’s best talent.
Give it a go, you won’t be sorry!.

Amazon Review

This is a superb album. I highly recommend it. A great Christmas present.
Where has this guy been???????????????

Amazon Review

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