Mother’s Day Reflections

2015-03-15 jamie owenAs I drove home last Sunday from singing on the Jamie Owen show for BBC Radio Wales, I was buzzing as I love to sing. I reflect on why I am a singer. It’s a big question.  It’s not the norm that’s for sure. It takes you away from your family and loved ones, it gives you false hopes almost daily, it can be lonely and it often makes you feel that life is a constant roller coaster. In many ways, when I’m able to think rationally about what I do, it’s madness ……… but it’s who and what I am.  

On Mothering Sunday I recalled for my daughter some of the stories that her grandmother told as well as some of her remarkable achievements. I ask myself again “Why am I doing what I do?”

2015-03-15 jamieowen celloThe things in life that really make a difference are the things that we love. When we are immersed in activities that we really enjoy, we are living our dreams. These are not the same ambitions that everyone else pays lip service to but a collection of ideas that are important to us individually. They are the values and dreams that get us out of bed in the morning..

When I was asked to take a masterclass at Gorseinon College for their performing arts studios I knew that I had to deliver both sides of the coin.  

One of the journalist students asked if she could interview me for her project. Flattered but put under the spotlight with so many questions – light hearted ones to others that made me think.

Then it was off to meet the students who would be exposing themselves, not physically but emotionally. Each student had so much talent and wanted to perform although the odd one was reluctant to jump in as they had no idea  if I would support or criticise them. I do both.

I asked why they wanted to enter the performing arts – and as each one recalled their hopes and ambitions I realise that nothing should stop them. All they need is the armour, dedication and talent to succeed.They blew me away and reinforced why I do what I do. Gorseinon College you should be so proud – I know that some major stars will be emerging from there. I left recharged and beaming.

Thursday was rehearsals ready for London at the end of the month as well as preparing for performing at the National Film Awards for Sky.

Friday became stressful though. My beautiful cat was found in a ball having been hit by a car. It was so pitiful to see. He was in shock as well as crying in pain. The vet checked him thoroughly and although I was told nothing was broken, he needed help. But here we are Sunday evening and he is still in so much pain. The only way to feed him is through a syringe.  I’m praying for him to recover. Come on Socks !!

2015-03-15 socks


This article was originally published in the Carmarthen Journal in Mark’s weekly column for the paper.

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