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This album came about, as so many projects do, after a late evening around a kitchen table with a bottle or two of Prosecco when I was asked by friends when I would start recording my next album. T o be honest I hadn’t really thought about ‘the next album’ and so they proceeded to play hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of pop songs to me until the early morning. As lovely as the songs were, I explained that I am a classical singer and perhaps I couldn’t deliver a pop song in the way that the public might expect. I thought that would be the end of it. Little did I know

…. Months went by and these two sisters kept sending me song suggestions in various guises; post, emails, phone calls and even hand-delivered to my home. I was now being stalked! Over many delicious evenings I began to believe that perhaps I could deliver beautiful pop songs in my own way, and so we began a list – a long list of the great love songs, songs which have touched many people in so many different ways. Of all the great songs, to choose from, the ones that ended up on this album spoke to me, each on with a story that moved or inspired me so strongly that I had to express them with my own voice.

The making of Mark`s latest album “THIS GUY`S IN LOVE” with Producer Nick Patrick Classical Brit Winner.

“Mark Llewelyn Evans has the rich, sensual vocal tones that you hear very rarely.He has that rare gift that makes him a star” Nick Patrick

Lovely album with some different arrangements of popular love songs. Absolutely loved Don`t Close Your Eyes. Mark has a rich deep voice that you can’t tire of listening to. Would recommend to fans of Michael Ball and Alfie Boe.

Amazing sounds from this wonderful Welsh Baritone. Mark not only delivers these songs with heart & soul, he makes you believe he’s singing them for you. I couldn’t wait to buy this album …. & can’t wait for the next. You’ll not be disappointed!