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Mark Llewelyn Evans

Meeting the Panto crew

Sunday evening, fire lit and Downton on. Perfect! I’m so relieved that Lord Grantham is still alive after the alien moment last …

Preparing for Panto

Sunday morning and to my delight the clocks have gone back an hour and so without realising I’m ready for action much …

Big Dreams and Big Ideas

Sunday evening 10.50pm and my first chance this week to sit and stop, well sit and type. Today alone has been full …

Sark Saga on stormy seas

Last week I told you all about the wonderful festival on Sark, but didn’t tell you about the saga of getting the …

Sark Opera Festival

After a very early start last Saturday morning I have arrived! As we land on the magical island the dolphins are seen …

At last! A proper holiday

I know that so many people think that I’m constantly on holiday globetrotting but I can tell you that it may sound …

Manchester … Massachusetts.

It’s 7pm here in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. The event that I’ve been flown over for has started and it’s possibly …

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