Lions roaring through another busy week

Well, I’ve just finished my second concert this weekend, both with packed houses. Firstly a private ‘4th of July’ gig in London where I got to share the stage with a very special guest! (I was a bit puzzled as she didn’t seem to actually say much ). I’m not the only one who has shared the stage with her as she’s starred with Christopher Reeve/Clarke Kent in Superman and many others  ….. Quite how this Statue of Liberty came to end up at a party in Buckinghamshire I’ve no idea – I hope she got to fly first class !

My second concert was a return visit to St Peter’s church Burnham with my sexy band of travelling minstrels Gareth Llys Simon (piano), Richard Jones (guitar), Sam Jowett (percussion) & Pete Harris (bass & cello). I’m so proud of the unique product that I now have touring both sides of the pond. With a repertoire spanning opera to the movies, it’s what I have always dreamt of. A real joy!

It was great to debut a couple of new numbers from the film music genre that we have been working on. The audience’s response told me that my instinct was right – but you never know until you try! Definite winners! I’ll keep them in my set lists for the USA trip in a few weeks.

I was so lucky last night that the hugely talented, and very dear friend of mine, Lorraine King came to delight the audience of St Peter’s alongside me. Lorraine heads up an amazing band called “Trenchfoot” which recently launched its new album “Flatiron Brothers”.

She brought with her her unique musical portrayal of real life stories and events from the first World War. We were enthralled. Sometimes quirky, sometimes sexy and sometimes melancholic, her beautiful voice brought to life the emotions and stories of the men and women who gave their lives for our country in their own unique and individual ways. Beautiful.

Not only has it been a busy weekend, it’s been a very busy week preparing for directing a new production at St Nicolas, the primary school in Burnham. Last year we did “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” and this year I will hit the ground running on a new beast “The Lion King”.

As you know I absolutely love working with kids. I’m so looking forward to seeing what the week ahead brings! I know there will be laughter, frustration and maybe even a few tears thrown in (mine, not theirs !!!) Above all there will be inspiration, creativity and real chance to see the children flourish outside the remit of the classroom. The sense of achievement at the end of the process will, I’ve no doubt, be massive for everyone involved. Just seven days to completely stage the epic Lion King wish me luck…..! Let’s hope having the name Llewelyn helps!

This article was originally published in the Carmarthen Journal in Mark’s weekly column for the paper.

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