Mildmay, Millenium Stadium and off to Miami

Sunday 8th 9.03am – lots to sort before I head to Heathrow, where tomorrow, I’m flying to Miami for one of my favourite concerts of the year – ”Under the Stars for Valentines”. An incredible charity event in Naples, Florida to remember and raise money for the American charity TAPS – (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors).

It came about from the charity single that I did for the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal.  The song “Tell My Father” was also on my first Album “Let the Light In” which happened as a result of a chance meeting in Jerusalem with two wonderful Americans Renee & Scott Relf. As soon as they heard me sing they wanted to tell the world about Mark Llewelyn Evans. So with the help of their funds and Acapella Studios my first album was born and my trips to the USA started.

I love the enthusiasm that welcomes you in America and the amazing opportunities that happen for me on each trip I make. I can`t wait to take my daughter over for her to discover what I enthuse about. I was looking at my economy e-tickets last night and it made me laugh

“You have a special seat – Seat 15Ga a window Bulkhead with COMFY seating status which includes early boarding, extra leg space, complimentary champagne throughout and lunch – ENJOY”

I will certainly try and enjoy my extra leg space although I only have two legs.  

Last Wednesday was a very moving and magical day. A trip with Linda Robson to meet patients and staff at the Mildmay HIV Hospice. Vanessa Redgrave had just been there too. It was made famous by Lady Diana who helped in whatever way she could. She helped break down the horrid stigma of HIV. I’m going back to sing and help raise funds.  

As I2015-02-07sixnations was travelling back on the train I decided I wanted to watch the Wales / England Rugby match at the Millennium stadium. So I made a couple of calls – no joy!. The chap opposite overheard me – he had a spare ticket. Andy Griffiths, headteacher in Southgate North London, a proudly patriotic and passionate Welshman came to my rescue.

Friday I joined the 75,000 crowd at the stadium to watch the opening of the 6 nations. We can all dwell on the result which was disappointing – but what I love each time I go to the rugby is the warmth and support from all involved. England and Wales supporters singing and hugging each other – the atmosphere was brilliant and although I had gone alone to the game I was surrounded by so many wonderful people. Brilliant night! Thank you Andy.

Time to get the suitcase out, find the passport, sort the laundry as well as take my daughter swimming before heading back to the smoke. Next week my column will come from Florida. Temperature today is 72………. Ok! I`ll go and pack.

Happy Valentines!!

This article was originally published in the Carmarthen Journal in Mark’s weekly column for the paper.

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