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None of us know what each day will bring us whether it`s sunshine or a broken heart. Perhaps it`s better not to have the crystal ball to see what could be around the corner. This week has seen my talent visit both ends of the spectrum in a very poignant way..

Sunday 22nd back in London rehearsing for London fashion week. You’re wondering why? I had been asked to sing an arrangement of the Pilgrims Chorus to accompany the new Anya Hindmarch AW15 handbag collection.

2015-03-01-MLE-Anya-HindmarThe fashion show was being held in the old Billingsgate Market right in the heart of the city of London, very close to where I had studied at the Guildhall.  Huge lighting rigs, projection screens and hundreds of workers from the fashion world transported the old fish market into another world. Whether building the set, tweaking fabrics or simply looking glam it was a major transformation.

Anya was a real delight, so unpretentious although the world of fashion in many ways did seem unreal and so different to anything I had ever been involved in before. We had to be on site by 6.30am Tuesday, in costume by 7am ready for the live event. Costume was a high Viz orange number which probably matched my eyes at that time.

Breakfast then the models arrived. Twenty or so top models of all different nationalities, standing as tall and as elegant as giraffe’s. As a dad though I so wanted to feed them all –  too skinny.

We rehearsed till 8.45am sorting out the smallest details while painters and stage hands finished off the icing on the cake. It was a really spectacular event. The audience loved it and from what I understand the handbags are flying out. I`m sure it was all down to the singing – HA!

All was finished by 10.30am and the world of fashion disbursed from the city and scurried off in all directions in a mass of black uniforms.2015-03-01 MLE St Davids Day-2

I returned home to Wales on the Wednesday morning and on Friday while driving I heard Robert Lloyd talking to my brother about the terrible tragedy of Cameron Comey. Rob spoke about a concert to raise funds for the Rescue Teams and almost before the interview was over Rob and I made contact. So yesterday St David’s Day I returned home and joined forces with my brother, Rob Lloyd, Cor Meibion Llanelli, Rev Leigh Richardson, Jordan Williams, Ffion Elin Williams, Jole Harding, Loud Applause, QE High and Sarah Kirby plus all the support crews in front and behind the scenes.

2015-03-01 MLE St Davids Day-1Over 250 local people turned out to support the event. The love and warmth expressed was wonderful. It was an honour to be part of it. It is moments like this when a community work together and support each other so brilliantly that I am so proud to be from Carmarthen. My love and blessing are with Cameron’s family and I just hope that tomorrow will bring better news.

More pictures of the concert can be found on the Carmarthen Journal website.

This article was originally published in the Carmarthen Journal in Mark’s weekly column for the paper.

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