Our roots and remembering to cheer others on.

When I was first asked to write this column I knew that there would be weeks that would be mainly admin, phone calls etc. The dull day to day planning that make the bigger events happen are not exciting to share, but I realised a long time ago that my journey isn’t just about me it`s about the people I have met on my way. So sharing their success stories is very important to me.

I, like many others flick through the social media sites to catch up with friend from the past and I noticed a few months ago that a former Carmarthen Youth Opera success was crossing the pond and sharing his stories from LA. I know myself that flying across the Atlantic is so exciting as the positivity of the Americans is infectious. To actually break into the US market on any level is another story as so many UK artists have failed over the years.

But Owain Rhys Davies seems to be following in a long line of Welsh success stories like Michael Sheen & Matthew Rhys. I was so excited for Owain so I sent him an email asking the Carmarthen boy what he was actually doing in Hollywood.

“Thanks Mark for being interested, it`s all very exciting here. I voiced a character in “Alice through the looking glass” the sequel to Tim Burton`s “Alice in Wonderland” film. There was talk of me doing it in London, but ended up recording it here in LA at the Disney Sound Stage where the likes of Robin Williams and Idina Menzel recorded their Disney characters. Also the film “BABY” I feature in – it will be premiered at South by South West (SXSW) which is a huge deal over here it seems. Keep well and thanks again. Owain.”

How exciting is that?!!!! It`s what dreams are made of and the reasons why my mother dedicated her life to save the Lyric. I don’t know Owain`s whole story but like us all, there will have been lots of closed doors along the way but look and the big fat door that swung open for him.

As I write this I’m grinning from ear to ear. Just brilliant and I know my mum would be bragging as I type.  We must all keep dreaming and reaching for the moon and if all fails we will catch a few stars along the way.

I yr hyn y mae pobl Caerfyrddin yn cael eu gwneud o.

Ok so what’s my own week been like? Not boring as I have had a 12th birthday to sort, a birthday cake to bake, take 6 girls bowling plus organising my next trip across the pond. Another great story this week my brother went to no. 10 as a guest of David C`s. Please don’t tell me that they are job swapping – no compare! Oh yes I`ve also done a bathroom makeover – look at me! Ha.

2015-03-08 myfi birthday


This article was originally published in the Carmarthen Journal in Mark’s weekly column for the paper.

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