A date with my daughter, Rugby sibling rivalry and more Carmarthen pride.

Monday 8am, Radio Wales playing, fingers on the keyboard. I normally write my column on Sunday but I needed a day off with my daughter. Saturday night out with her (12 and happy to be seen with dad) I asked her where she fancied going. I was told “the Jamie Oliver restaurant in Cardiff as Uncle Wynne took me there and they have really tasty olives.”

It was the first Saturday night out I’ve had in years and I enjoyed it for so many reasons. Myfi is a complete delight. For any dates in the future I need to take my daughter as the attention we had was remarkable. An experience that needs repeating.

Rewinding back to Saturday afternoon “RUGBY”. Writing this column can be my therapy so I must get something off my chest.  I love my brother very much BUT when I heard that he would be broadcasting live from Rome AND attending the match I wanted to injure him slightly. I didn’t hurt him too much but did watch the match on the TV. Even sofa-watching it was electric..

We Carmarthen folk do get everywhere. Ken Owens (Scarlet Captain) brought the 2nd half alive for me. As Ken played I reminisced about the amazing work that his grandparents have done for so many generations.  Ken & Lorraine are real legends. They made a difference wherever they went.

The last time I saw Lorraine was at last year’s Carmarthen Journals Community Awards where Ken Maynard was honoured for his achievements. I was so sad to hear of Lorraine’s recent passing. Love to the family.

My brother was telling me that Ken Owens couldn’t celebrate with the team as he was on the early flight home – his wife is 9 months pregnant. I’m  in shock that she didn’t give birth during the match as the excitement was overwhelming. Well done Ken, Carmarthen are so proud of you.


So let’s keep rewinding to the “ECLIPSE” – the end of the world as I heard someone describe it. I was told the time of darkness would be 9.15am to 9.25am ish. Now I know that we were told not to look directly at the sun and it was the last thing I said to  Myfi when I dropped her off at school, but I have to be honest, I knew I wouldn’t have the discipline not to peep. Taking precautions  – as in armed with a colander (why I still don’t know but I put it on my head for safety) and as many pairs of sunglasses as possible, I set out to view the miracle. By the time I was ready I think it was all over because all I saw was darkness.

A new week and it’s all go for The Pheasantry in Chelsea Saturday and the National Film Awards the following Tuesday. My cat Socks is recovering well after his near death experience and my near death experience after the vet’s bills. Oh yes and an interview with the Daily Mirror. What will be next?

This article was originally published in the Carmarthen Journal in Mark’s weekly column for the paper.

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